Finding Balance: Sustainability of the Meat Industry

shutterstock_83847592At Red Dog Blue Kat, we are all about balance.  We want our pets to be healthy and we know that animal protein is an essential part of that. However, we also can’t ignore the elephant in the room: the meat industry is greatly affecting our environment and the Earth’s climate.

There is now enough published scientific research on the subject that it’s undeniable: human overpopulation, industrial, transportation and agricultural industries and over-fishing of the oceans have put us in a very tight spot. The long-term prognosis of the health of our planet is completely in our hands. And we are going to have to make some big changes in order to live in a balanced way with the Earth, including how we feed our pets.   Continue reading


Media Makes Mountain Out of a Molehill and Misses the Real Story!

shutterstock_90427-1This week, CTV published an article (in the Lifestyle section on their website) discouraging pet owners from feeding raw food to their pets ( They used an article published in the VetRecord journal that surveyed a number of commercial raw foods in the Netherlands and confirmed the presence of pathogenic bacteria in some of the foods.  The CTV article overinflates the overall risks that bacteria in raw food pose and completely misses the bigger story of food that’s actually putting our pets’ health at risk.  The message of this article, shared via a respected national news network, is narrow-minded and misleading in many ways. Continue reading

Complete and Balanced (Part 2): Building a Balanced Raw Diet


If you missed last week’s blog posting, Check out Part 1 here.

Last week, we discussed some of the limitations of the “complete and balanced” approach when it comes to raw feeding.  While “Complete and balanced” ensures that the food contains the minimum level of nutrients required for our pets to survive, it falls short of ensuring that this food will keep our pets healthy and thriving. This week, let’s look at how we can provide our pets with a complete and balanced fresh food diet that will help them live longer and healthier lives.  It’s easier than you think! Here are the general rules to ensure you’re feeding a complete and balanced raw food diet that follows AAFCO’s standards plus so much more. Continue reading

Complete and Balanced (Part 1): What Does It Really Mean?

shutterstock_520965634If you have a pet, you have probably been told that our pets should be eating “complete and balanced” food at every meal. This tagline has been at the core of most commercial pet food claims and a key standard for defining the quality of the food you feed your pet. “Complete and balanced” means that the food contains all the required nutrients at recommended levels and that the nutrients are appropriate proportions to each other.  It is a big deal to know that you are providing your best friend the right amount of nutrients for optimal health.  So, does the claim of “complete and balanced” really mean the food is healthy? Where do the criteria for this claim come from? Continue reading

Bone Broth: 5 Ways It Improves Your Pets’ Health

shutterstock_144934147Happy New Year to you! I hope you had a chance to enjoy the holidays with friends and family, especially the furry ones! Over the holidays, I experimented with making some bone broth at home for my dog.  I tried out some recipes and enjoyed them with my pup.   Did you know that simply adding bone broth to your pet’s diet has a variety of major health benefits? Broth has always been considered a healing food, but I think the impact that it can have for the health of our pets is underestimated. Continue reading