Winter is upon us! This season brings busy holiday activities, shorter daylight hours and gloomy days. We can all get a case of the winter blues or holiday stress at this time of year and our pets can feel it too.  If you want to do something extra for your pets this holiday season and start them off on the right paw for the new year, here are some great foods to try.  They are yummy, healthy, immune-boosting and add a little extra fun to meal times.

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shutterstock_404833642We aim to feed our pets a healthy diet comprised of whole foods that are species appropriate. This means we try to mimic what their wild counterparts are designed to eat. In many modern raw diets, 15-25% of the total diet is vegetables. In the wild, dogs and cats might not consume the same amounts or types of vegetables as our domestic pets. So why do we do it? There are some important reasons to include them! Continue reading

Bones 102: A Guide to Feeding Bones

Ever wondered which bones are best for your pet? Let’s take a look!Buffalo femur

Beef and Buffalo Femurs (Recreational):
Femurs are the long bones of ungulate animals. These bones are load bearing and consequently have a hard outer layer that is not consumable. They have a soft, fatty marrow in the middle.

Recommended For:
Gentle chewers

NOT Recommended For:
Aggressive chewers and dogs over 80 lbs (unless they are very experienced) Continue reading